Students feel more empowered at the front of the class, and enjoy an environment of improved student collaboration, cooperation and socialization.

Science fiction has become reality. Large format touchscreens used to exist only in the realms of movies, video games, and comic books; forms of entertainment which captivate the minds of many students. Therefore, the concept of interacting with a large format, high resolution display which can be operated in the same way as a smart phone or tablet is extremely appealing to both students and teachers alike.

This is a unique opportunity for teachers to connect with their students like never before and create dynamic, interactive multimedia lessons that bring every subject to life. Teachers are already noting that the technology is helping timid students feel more empowered at the front of the class, and is creating an environment that produces improved student collaboration, cooperation and socialization. 

The Future Tech Co. is focused on delivering the best value touchscreen solutions for the education market from the world's leading brands. We truly believe that not only are touchscreens without a question the next generation replacement of the interactive whiteboard, but that their capabilities are ushering in a new era in teaching.

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Advantages for Education

➞  Innovative teaching
➞  Student collaboration
➞  Increased engagement

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