Touchscreens provide better access to real-time information – allowing doctors and nurses to deliver the best possible healthcare services

In the healthcare industry there is constant pressure to minimize costs and increase efficiency, under often difficult working conditions. Touchscreens are rapidly being embraced because they are now an affordable solution that unquestionably improves operational efficiency, and in turn, the quality of patient care. They are becoming very visible in emergency departments, hospital wards, laboratories, nursing homes, doctor’s offices and many other healthcare environments.

Use of touchscreens can create a much more positive environment for patients, and improves workflow by providing better access to real-time information; allowing doctors and nurses to deliver the best possible healthcare services. This helps decrease stress levels in patient and staff interactions, increasing customer satisfaction and employee job satisfaction.


  • Gathering critical info for triage

  • Accessing/updating patient info

  • Patient check-in systems

  • Patient monitoring

  • Annotating xrays

  • Bedding allocation

  • Event Listings

  • Wayfinding

  • Point of care 

  • Point of payment

  • Bedside entertainment

  • Meal ordering

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Healthcare Applications

➞  Patient management
➞  Diagnosis explanation
➞  X-ray annotation

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