Public Display

Any business that can benefit from easily accessible information is a great candidate for a public display touchscreen.

Until recently, using touchscreens for public display was too cost prohibitive for many organizations who would otherwise greatly benefit from their implementation. You would be shocked to discover how affordable a professional solution, that can be used in landscape or portrait mode, and offers 24/7 operation and commercial warranty, can be.

The Future Tech Co. offers a number of models that are specifically built to withstand the the heavy use endured by technology in public spaces. The use cases are numerous, ranging from train stations, museums, hospitals, art galleries, hotels, restaurants, and airports. We also offer models suited to work around-the-clock in office environments and control centres.  Typical applications include way-finding, building directories, customer feedback/data capture and Point of Information (POI) terminals.

Think of a touchscreen as a empty canvas ready for a custom solution designed perfectly to fit your needs.  Our consultants can work closely with you to design a world-class gestural based interface, and in many instances, organizations are able to create their own simple interfaces with their in-house IT and Design departments (in the most rudimentary sense, building a basic gestural interface can be as simple a process as building a website). 

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Public Display Applications

➞ Interactive ads
➞ Way-finding

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